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Swimming Pool Heater Repair

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Swimming Pool Heater Installation and Heat Pump Repair

Pool Heater Repair Service
Swimming Pool Heater Repair
Pool Heater Repair

There are many benefits of having a swimming pool heater on your system.  From hot-tubs and therapy benches, to extending your pool swimming season, a swimming pool heater serves many purposes.  Keeping your pool heater or swimming pool heat pump operating at its optimal performance is beneficial to both, your health, and the operation of your pool and spa.  The team at Florida Pool Tech​ is Tampa Bay's preferred manufacturer certified platinum level service provider for both, residential & commercial pool heater and swimming pool heat pump repair and installation.  At Florida Pool Tech, we recognize the importance of premium quality, professionalism, and performance.  Our repair service team is factory trained and certified for all swimming pool heater repairs.  There's no guessing why manufacturers send customers directly to Florida Pool Tech when they receive swimming pool heater repair service calls and pool heat pump installation inquires.

Florida Pool Tech is certified to repair and install all manufacturer swimming pool gas heater and pool heat pumps:

  • Pentair Aquatic Systems (ETi gas heaters, MasterTemp gas heaters, and UltraTemp heat pumps)

  • Sta-Rite (Max-E-Therm gas heaters)

  • Jandy (Zodiac/Polaris) (LXi gas heaters, JXi gas heaters, EE-TI heat pumps, AE-TI heat pumps)

  • Hayward (Universal H-Series gas heaters, Summit heat pumps, HeatPro heat pumps)

  • AquaCal (TropiCal heat pumps, SunRunner heat pumps, Big Bopper heat pumps, HeatWave heat pumps)

  • Nirvana (Trydent heat pumps, FC heat pumps

  • RayPak (WeatherKing heat pumps, Digital gas heaters)


Pool Heater Replacement

Common causes of a pool heater or swimming pool heat pump failure:

  • Rodent Damage: The Tampa Bay Area in Florida has a tropical climate which attracts many types of rodents. Unfortunately, these same "critters" inherently make use of pool heaters for shelter.  While inside your swimming pool heater or heat pump, they are known to wreak havoc, chewing through wire insulation, plastic pool heater parts, and even metal condenser coils in pool heat pumps!

  • Shorted Heater Parts:  Florida, known for its typical lightning storms, can also make electrical components inside pool heaters susceptible to damage from these storms.

  • Age:  Did you know? The average expected lifespan of a gas pool heater is approximately 10-15 years, a pool heat pump is expected to last 10-20 years.  With each year in operation, these pool heaters lose their efficiency.

  • Lack Of Use:  Not using your pool heater regularly can cause the pool heater parts to become "locked" in-place, rendering expensive pool heaters inoperable until they are repaired.  In some instances, replacement costs will outweigh the benefit of repair.  Use your pool heater regularly!

    From pool heater replacement, to swimming pool heat pump repairs, Florida Pool Tech has you covered!  When you want it done right the first time, every time;  We can
     help.  Quality Matters, hire the experts with confidence, at Florida Pool Tech!

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