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Swimming pool construction


Leak Detection & Repair Experts

#1 Pool Leak Detection & Repair Expert In Tampa Bay

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Pool leaks are expensive, damaging, and frustrating.  Florida Pool Tech can help!  Is your swimming pool losing more water than it should?  We can help!  Our team of experienced swimming pool leak detection specialists have successfully located, and repaired thousands of leaking swimming pools, professionally.  Performing electronic swimming pool leak detection's for over 13 years with upwards of 3,200 leaking pools; If your pool has a leak, we will find it, guaranteed!  If your pool requires extensive repairs, such as a pool skimmer replacement, swimming pool main drain repair, or leaking light conduit replacement, we have you covered!  Florida Pool Tech is a full service swimming pool construction company that can perform any pool repair, in a timely manner.  When your swimming pool has a leak, there's only one call to make, and that's to Florida Pool Tech.


When you want a professional job done right the first time, every time, turn to us to help.  Quality matters, hire the experts with confidence at Florida Pool Tech!

Swimming pools are made up of many components. Even though it supposed to be watertight, it gets old and things may not work as well as they once did. There are many reasons why a pool may leak, it could one or or many of the following:

Top 5 Causes For A Pool Leak​


Pool Leak Causes:

A pool leak around the skimmer
A pool leak at the light
A pool leak at a return fitting
A pool leak around the light
A pool leak below the skimmer
A pool leak in the return line
A pool leak in the main drain
A pool leak on the pressure side
A pool suction line leak
A swimming pool suction leak
A pressure side return leak 
A suction side pool leak
A leak under the pool skimmer
A pool valve leak

A waterfall leak

A pool pump leak

A pool heater leak

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