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Your pool pump is one of the most important pieces of swimming pool equipment on your system.  It acts as the "heart" of the entire pool equipment set, and keeping it functional is critical for the health and condition of your swimming pool.  Florida Pool Tech​ is Tampa Bay's preferred factory certified service provider for residential & commercial swimming pool pump repair and pool pump installation.  We recognize the importance of quality, professionalism, and performance.  Our pool pump repair team is factory trained and certified for all swimming pool pump repairs, from basic single speed, to complex variable speed pool pumps.  There's no guessing why manufacturers send customers directly to Florida Pool Tech when they receive swimming pool pump repair service calls and pool pump installation inquiries


Did you know? In 2008, Florida Legislature passed an energy bill into law, which requires all swimming pool pumps over 1 horsepower to be switched to a variable speed pool pump!  The good news; These same variable speed pool pumps can actually save you $600 or more per year on energy consumption costs! Contact us today for an estimate on switching over the household appliance that consumes the most energy today!


Florida Pool Tech is certified to repair and install the following manufacturer single speed and variable speed pool pumps:


  • Pentair Aquatic Systems (IntelliFlo, WhisperFlo, SuperFlo pool pumps)

  • Sta-Rite (IntelliPro, Max-E-Pro, SuperMax, DuraGlas pool pumps)

  • Fluidra (commercial pool pumps)

  • Jandy (Zodiac/Polaris) (Stealth, PHP, PlusHP pool pumps)

  • Hayward (EcoStar, TriStar, Super Pump, Super II pool pumps)

  • Speck (commercial pool pumps)

  • Waterway (Champion pool pumps)

    Common causes of swimming pool pump failures:

  • Bearings:  Do you hear that loud, grinding sound that gets worse over time?  The bearings in your pool pump motor have likely began to fail.  Eventually, this will lead to complete pool pump failure, which may cause further harm to your pool pump.

  • Electrical:  With the advancement of high tech swimming pool pumps, comes more room for failure.  Variable speed pool pumps have circuitry internal to the pool pump which should only be repaired or replaced by a licensed and certified swimming pool contractor.

  • Catastrophic Failure:  Running a pool pump dry can cause irreversible damage to your pool pump.  Many modern swimming pool pumps are made mostly of plastic components.  Running a pool pump dry can cause such high heat, these plastic pool pump parts can warp or melt, leading to a potential complete loss, where replacement becomes necessary.

  • Normal Wear and Tear:  Over time, pool pump parts do become old, worn, and brittle.  Repair or replacement becomes necessary to protect the rest of your pool pump from further damage.

    From pool pump replacement, to swimming pool pump motor repairs, Florida Pool Tech has you covered!  When you want it done right the first time, every time;  We can help.  Quality Matters, hire the experts with confidence, at Florida Pool Tech!

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