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Tampa Pool Leak Detection

Bring Elegance and Tranquility to your pool!

The pool remodel experience 

Prompt, professional, and tailored customer service.

Smoothest Pebble Finish

Best  In-Class Warranty!

What to expect during your swimming pool renovation with Florida Pool Tech

1.  You will meet with our Project Manager during your estimate.  We will discover your expectations and desires of the entire project, explain the available options and provide a quote using the highest quality materials.

2.  Upon your expressed interest of our quote, you will meet with our team in the beautiful Dunedin showroom, where we carry samples of every material available for swimming pool construction; organized to assist your material selection.

3.  Once materials have been selected, a contract is drawn up including your project completion date.  Our typical pool renovation is completed within 2-3 weeks under normal circumstances.  Our friendly and professional crews are all in-house.  Your Project Manager will work along side you from day one, to the time the pool is filled and final walk-throughs are complete.

4.  We begin by first draining your pool.  Utilizing gas powered pumps, this process is fast.  Your tile is stripped, beam cracks are ground out and filled to prevent future leaks, then floated to a smooth, even surface for the new tile application.

5.  We prep the surface of the pool.  This will involve undercutting around all fittings, removing any loose or hollow areas, stapling any structural cracks, and applying a 2-part bond coat, which is a necessary process to ensure proper finish.

6.  Coping and waterline tiles will now be installed, the deck is re-leveled to Florida Building Code, deck drains are installed and installation of your new deck materials are now complete.  Brick pavers are sanded or travertine is concrete washed to create a non-skid surface and prevent the pavers or travertine from shifting.

7.  You will then meet our finish supervisor the day before application.  This team works extremely efficient and well together.  They will mix and hand apply the quartz or pebble pool finish, hand wash the finish to expose the aggregate or pebbles, install your new compliant anti-vortex main drain cover, then begin filling your pool.  At this point, the water must remain filling until the water reaches about half-way above your waterline tile.

8.  Once your pool is full, your Project Manager will return to your house to start-up the pool, administer the start-up chemicals, then perform a final walk-through of your project.  This entire process converts your swimming pool, to a brand new, elegant masterpiece that you will show off for generations!

Call us today 727-223-2166 for your free quote. We're excited to meet you!

Silver Travertine, Glass Mosaic Tile, Breeze Blue Pebble w/Glass Finish
Aspendos Travertine, Lucayan Blue Pebble, Glass Tile, Swim-out Addition
Silver Travertine, Glass Mosaic Tile, Imperial White Pebble w/Glass Finish
Aspendos Travertine Coping, Paver Deck, Glass Tile, Lucayan Blue Pebble
Aspendos Travertine, Imperial White Pebble, Glass Tile, Deck/Bench Redesign
Aspendos Travertine, Glass Tile, Lucayan Blue Pebble Finish, Spa Redesign
Aspendos Travertine, Glass Tile, Imperial White Pool/Lucayan Blue Spa Pebble
Aspendos Travertine Deck, Creme Paver Coping, Quartz Finish, Ceramic Tile
Aspendos Travertine, Imperial White Pebble, Glass Tile, Upper Deck Additions
Aspendos Travertine, Glass Tile, Lucayan Blue Pebble, Sunshelf Addition
Autumn Blend Travertine, Glass Tile, Quartz Finish, Deck Entention
Lucayan Blue Pebble Pool Finish, Glass Mosaic Waterline & Teal Cap Tile
Aspendos Travertine Deck, Ceramic Stone Look Tile, Calm Sea Pebble
Ivory Travertine Deck, Glass Mosaic Tile, Imperial White Pebble Pool Finish
Aspendos Travertine, Imperial White Pebble, Sunshelf & Upper Deck Additions
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